Within West African society the drum holds a position of honor and importance. Its charismatic and scintillating rhythms evoke an atmosphere of celebration at all social, spiritual and celebratory events.  The geographic regions of West Africa each possess their own unique musical style. Typically a wide array of percussive instrumentation accompanies the drums; bells, rattles, shakers, gourd instruments. African music reveals a sophisticated complexity, which has been honed over the ages. The rhythms created by the drums reflect life as it exists in West Africa; the changing seasons, family life, work and spiritual expression.

During West African drum workshops with Wona Womalan students will be introduced to the beauty of West African musical traditions. Through the rhythms and dances taught students will learn how musical arts play an integral role in West African culture. The instructors will discuss the cultural histories of each rhythm, the origins of the rhythms and how they are used in celebrations, healing, ceremonies and other aspects of community life. Students will also become familiar with the geography of West Africa as it relates to traditional musical arts.

During the workshops students sit in a large circle to facilitate communication and group interaction. Most students find within the music a deep connection to a cultural history that has existed since the beginnings of humanity.

We can design a program to suit your group or event. Drum workshops can be combined with dance workshops and performances. Please complete an online request or contact us to book a workshop or to receive additional information.

Drums are provided for students who do not have their own instrument.

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